PEDIAKID Immunity Strength

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Builds strong immunity to the body
Supports immune system
Supports public health
It gives good health throughout the year



Is a full source of active and effective vitamins and natural supplements, specially designed with fruits, vegetables, pure extracts and essential micronutrients to support healthy growth of children and balanced development during childhood The immune strength of children with weak immune system is used to provide essential vitamins and minerals with a good concentration of natural antioxidants that are useful to support their metabolism Supports a healthy immune system and enhances the vitality of the child for daily school programs for children and sports activities A gentle and rich combination makes it ideal for use in flu and cold season, in helping to immunize immune resistance against stress and harsh winter, against allergies during spring flowers Made from natural ingredients such as propolis, echinacea and Indian rice to stimulate the natural immune defense of the body, improves body resistance and helps to stay healthy
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125 ML

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Directions of use

For children from 1 -5 years: One teaspoon each morning and evening after mealsFor children 5 years and older: 2 tablespoons each morning and evening after meals

Active Ingredients

Natural Agave Nectar 40 % FOS Prebiotic Fibres 15 % Plant Extracts 75 % Acerola Broccoli Echinacea Ginseng Cynorrhodon Natural Blueberry Concentrate Blueberry Flavor Guar Gum Vitamin C Propolis Copper Gluconate Manganese


Used as an immune enhancer

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