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1. Is pharmazonekw.com a Kuwaiti website?

Yes, we are a Kuwaiti based website that operates from Kuwait. Contact us for more information through our live chat or call us

2. What is your working time?

Currently the service is available 24 hours from Saturday to Friday.

3. Can I re order a previous order?

Yes you can. You can simply go to previous orders section on ‘My Account’ page and choose the order from your history list and re order it.

4. I just made an order, but I’m not sure if you got it. What do I do?

Go to My Account and click on Order Status to see if your order was routed successfully or not. You can also come to and inquire about your order status.

5. If I made an order, how long does it take to receive the order?

It will be delivered during 60 minutes since you place the order

6. Can I have multiple addresses into my account?

Yes. You can add as many addresses as you need to a single account. Go to My Account and click on Add New Location button.

7. What are the areas covered by the service?

Pharmazonekw.com serves all areas, in all governorates of KUWAIT

8. How long does the K-NET/Credit Card refund process take?

The customer refund procedure might take two working days to process on the K-NET payment gateway, and then the customer has to follow on with his bank in case any delay in crediting his account back with the amount previously paid by him. We will be sending an email to the customer that contains a printout of the refund advice printed from K-NET payment gateway as reference in case the customer wants to revise the bank with.

9. Are there any additional charges on delivery?

No delivery charges are placed on orders, it’s free.

10. Can I place multiple orders?

Yes you can. You may choose to place another order to your shopping cart after you have finished choosing your first order by clicking on the label ‘Place another order’ located on the shopping cart.
11. I have a Medical prescription; can I get it from you?

In accordance with the laws and regulations of the Ministry of Health, certain medicines cannot be dispensed without a prescription.

12. I forgot to add an item to my order, what do I do?

Contact if you need to add or remove items to your order. However, please note that if we already dispatched your order then any additional item might count as a new order.